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Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018

What are the prerequisites to larn Selenium?

What are the prerequisites to acquire Selenium?

Selenium is a Testing Framework / Tool for Test Automation, Selenium is mainly
used for Functional as well as Regression Testing....

Selenium supports diverse Programming Languages similar Java, C#.NET, Python, Perl, Ruby, as well as PHP, nosotros tin purpose anyone of those languages to write Test Scripts...

Selenium supports Database Testing, Using SQL commands nosotros tin bear Database Testing...

Selenium supports Web applications alone It doesn't back upward desktop applications, thus nosotros ask to familiar amongst Web Environment....

Prerequisites to acquire Selenium are,

1) Manual Testing 

Software Development Life Cycle
SDLC Models
Software Test Levels
Software Test Types
Software Test Process or Software Test Life Cycle
Test Planning
Test Design Techniques, as well as Test Design
Test Execution
Test Closure

2) Programming Fundamentals

Data Types
Control Flow
Conditional Statements
Loop Statements
Branching Statements
Array, ArrayList
Predefined methods
User defined methods
String Handling
IO Operations, as well as File Handling
Exception Handling
Object oriented programming

3) HTML Concepts…

HTML Elements as well as Operations on Elements
Page, Edit Box, Text Area, Button, Link, Drop downward box,
List box, Combo box, Check box, Radio button, Web table,
Frame etc... 

4) Database Fundamentals

Connecting to Databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL etc..)
Fetch specific information using SQL Commands as well as thus compare information amongst expected
What are the prerequisites to acquire Selenium What are the prerequisites to acquire Selenium?

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May 19, 2018

SQL Tutorial 8: The Select Query

SQL Tutorial 8: The Select Query

The SQL SELECT contention is used to fetch the information from a database tabular array which returns this information inwards the aeroplane of a lawsuit table. 

These lawsuit tables are called result-sets.

The basic syntax of the SELECT contention is every 2nd follows -

SELECT column1, column2, columnN FROM table_name;

SELECT * FROM table_name;

Note: If yous desire to use/Practice Select statements as well as thence nosotros must accept at to the lowest degree i tabular array amongst unopen to records...

Step 1: Create a Database
Create Database gcreddy;

Step 2: Create a Table
Before Create a tabular array outset Use/Select database...

Create tabular array abcd(
Id int, 
Name varchar(50), 
Age int, 
City varchar(50),

Step 3: Enter Some Records into that Table as well as thence execute pick out statements...

Insert Into abcd
(ID, Name, Age, City)
values (1, 'Ramesh', 32, 'Pune'),
(2, 'Venkat', 25, 'Chennai'),
(3, 'Suma', 25,'Hyderabad'),
(4, 'Bhasha', 23, 'Delhi'),
(5, 'David', 27, 'Hyderabad');
SQL> SELECT Id, Name, City FROM abcd;

It volition furnish all te records of abcd tabular array amongst ID, Name, as well as City fields only…


It volition furnish all the records of Customers table

SQL –Where Clause 

The SQL WHERE clause is used to specify a status spell fetching the information from a unmarried tabular array or past times joining amongst multiple tables.

The WHERE clause is non exclusively used inwards the SELECT statement, but it is besides used inwards the UPDATE, DELETE statement, etc.,


SELECT column1, column2, columnN 
FROM table_name
WHERE [condition]

You tin halt specify a status using the comparing or logical operators like 
>, <, =, LIKE, NOT, etc.

Select Id, Name 
From abcd
Where Age > 25;

Select ID, Name, Age, City
From abcd
Where Name ='David';

AND as well as OR Conjunctive Operators:

The SQL AND & OR operators are used to combine multiple atmospheric condition to narrow information inwards an SQL statement.

The AND Operator---


SELECT column1, column2, columnN 
FROM table_name
WHERE [condition1] AND [condition2]...AND [conditionN];


Select ID, Name, City
From abcd
Where Id >2 And Age > 25;

Select * From abcd
Where Id>2 And Age>=25;

The OR Operator:


SELECT column1, column2, columnN 
FROM table_name
WHERE [condition1] OR [condition2]...OR [conditionN]


Select Id, Name, City
From abcd
Where Id>2 Or Age>25;

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Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

How to Learn Python?

How to Learn Python?

In Which sequence should We larn Python?

Python is a General Purpose, Interpreter based, together with Object-oriented Programming 

Python is used for,

i. Web together with Internet Development
ii. Scientific together with Numeric
iii. Education
iv. Desktop GUIs
v. Software Development
Python is oft used equally a back upward linguistic communication for software developers, 

First Focus on Python Environment Setup (Download together with Install Python...)

1) Python Language Fundamentals
 i) Comments inward Python 
 ii) Data Types
 iii) Variables
 iv) Operators
 v) Conditional Statements
  b) Loop Statements
  c) Branching Statements
 vi) Data structures: Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries...
 vii) Functions
 viii) Modules
2) Object Oriented Programming
 i) Class & Method...
 ii) Constructor together with Destructor
 iii) Inheritance
 iv) Polymorphism
 vi) Data Abstraction
 vii) Encapsulation

3) String Handling
4) Exception Handling
5) Regular Expressions
6) Python IO Operations together with File handling
7) Working amongst Databases
8) Multi Threading
9) Networking Programming
10) CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming
10) GUI Programming Etc...

You accept whatever Computer programming linguistic communication similar C, C+, Java, Perl, Python, 80% concepts are same for example, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Conditional statements, Loop Statements., functions are mutual inward every programming language, syntax may vary from 1 linguistic communication to another. 

Some concepts may vary from 1 linguistic communication to about other for instance In C Language (Structured programming) nosotros get got Functions only no Methods, In Java linguistic communication (Object Oriented programming) nosotros get got methods, together with Functions inward C are equivalent to Methods inward Java.)

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May 18, 2018

Variables as well as Data Types inward Python

Variables together with Data Types inwards Python

We tin uncovering information types together with variables inwards every estimator programming linguistic communication like C, C++, Java etc...And inwards every Scripting linguistic communication similar Perl, Python, together with VBScript etc...

What is Data Type?

A information type, inwards programming, is a classification that specifies which type of value a variable has together with what type of mathematical, relational or logical operations tin hold upwardly applied to it without causing an error. 

Alfa bytes, Numbers, Boolean values etc...

What is Variable?

A named retention place to shop the temporary information inside a program, variable value may vary throughout the programme together with Variables shop inwards primary retention RAM.

Implicit announcement of Data types inwards Python, agency no information type specification earlier declaring the variable.



Suppose inwards Java explicit announcement of information types...


int a=10;
int a;

Implicit announcement of Variables inwards Python, agency nosotros no involve to declare variables, nosotros tin piece of job directly.


First Python Program:

We tin execute Python programs inwards dissimilar modes of programming,

1) Interactive Mode programming
2) Script Mode Programming
Interactive Mode programming:

Invoking the interpreter without passing a script file equally a parameter,

Type Python statements 1 yesteryear 1 together with enter, It volition execute ascendency yesteryear ascendency or pace yesteryear step...

Suppose if yous convey 4 lines of code inwards your programme together with then type starting fourth dimension step/line together with locomote inwards adjacent mo line...like that solely nosotros tin execute the program
Script Mode Programming

Invoking the interpreter alongside a script parameter begins execution of the script together with continues until the script is finished.

Means, starting fourth dimension attain our Python Program inwards a text editor (ex: Notepad), together with then launch the Interpreter, together with opened upwardly the Script file together with then execute the program. Program volition hold upwardly executed continuously...
No Explicit announcement of Variables inwards Python, together with No information type specification, nosotros tin assign whatsoever type of information to variables...based on assignment value python considers its information type.

1) Assign values to variables...

counter=10;     # An Integer Assignment
distance=20.45; # Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Floating Point
name= "Ramu";   # Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 String

print (counter);
print (distance);
print (name);
2) Verify Data Type:

Using type(); ascendency nosotros tin banking concern fit the type of information that a variable hold.

It returns int...

It returns float...

It returns str...
3) Multiple Assignment

Python allows us to assign a unmarried value to several variables simultaneously. 

print (a, b, c);
We tin likewise assign multiple values to multiple variables.

a, b, c=1, 2.2, "John";
print (a);
print (b);
print (c);
4) Delete a Variable

We tin likewise delete a variable using del command...

print (a);

print(a); # It volition exhibit error
5) Standard Data Types inwards Python...

Python has 5 criterion information types -

i) Python Numbers

Number information types shop numeric values. Number objects are created when nosotros assign a value to them. 


Delete Variables...

delete (var1, var2);

Python supports iv dissimilar numerical types -

int (signed integers)

long (long integers, they tin likewise hold upwardly represented inwards octal together with hexadecimal)

float (floating quest existent values)

complex (complex numbers)
ii) Python Strings

Strings inwards Python are identified equally a contiguous fix of characters represented inwards the quotation marks.

str="Hello World";
print (str);


str='Hello World';
print (str);
iii) Python Lists

A listing contains items separated yesteryear commas together with enclosed inside foursquare brackets ([]).
To merely about extent, lists are similar to arrays inwards C.


list = [12, 23, "Hello", 1.23];

print (list); # Print consummate List
print (list[0]); # Print starting fourth dimension chemical gene of the list
print (list[2]); # Print tertiary chemical gene of the list
iv) Python Tuples

A tuple is merely about other sequence information type that is similar to the list. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 tuple consists of a release of values separated yesteryear commas. Unlike lists, however, tuples are enclosed inside parentheses.

The master copy differences betwixt lists together with tuples are: Lists are enclosed inwards brackets ( [ ] ) together with their elements together with size tin hold upwardly changed, piece tuples are enclosed inwards parentheses ( ( ) ) together with cannot hold upwardly updated. Tuples tin hold upwardly idea of equally read-only lists.

tuple =(12, 34, 4.5, "Hello");
print (tuple); #print all elements of the tuple
print (tuple[1]); # impress 2d chemical gene of the tuple
v) Python Dictionary

Dictionaries piece of job similar associative arrays or hashes constitute inwards Perl together with consist of key-value pairs. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lexicon fundamental tin hold upwardly virtually whatsoever Python type, but are ordinarily numbers or strings.

Dictionaries are enclosed yesteryear curly braces { } together with values tin hold upwardly assigned together with accessed using foursquare braces [].

dict = {};
dict ['UserId'] ="abcd123";
dict ['Password'] ="hyderabad123";

print (dict['UserId']); # Print value for 'userId' key
print (dict.keys()); #Print all keys
print (dict.values()); # Print all values
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Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018

Python Operators

Operators are used to perform Arithmetic Python Operators
Python Operators

Operators are used to perform Arithmetic, Comparison, together with Logical Operations...

Important categories of operators inward Python:

1) Arithmetic Operators
2) Comparison (Relational) Operators
3) Assignment Operators
4) Logical Operators
5) Identity Operators
6) Bitwise Operators
1) Python Arithmetic Operators

i) + Addition (Example: ten + 20) = 30
ii) - Subtraction (Example: ten - 20) = -10
iii) * Multiplication (Example: ten * 20) = 200
iv) / Division (Example: 20/10) = 2
v) % Modulus (Example: xx % 10) = 0
vi) ** Exponent (Example: ten ** 20) = 


print (a+b);
print (a-b);
print (a*b);
print (a/c);
print (b%a);
print (a**c);
print (a//c);

2) Python Comparison (Relational) Operators

i) ==
ii) !=
iii) >
iv) <
v) >=
vi) <=

print (a == b);
print (a != b);
print (a > b);
print (a < b);
print (a >= b);
print (a <= b);

3) Python Assignment Operators

i) = Equal to
ii) += Add And 
iii) -= Subtract And
iv) *= Multiply And
v) /= Divide And
vi) %= Modula And
vii) **= Exponent And
viii) //= Floor Division And


print (a);
print (b);

a += b;
print (a);

a -=b;
print (a);

a *=b;
print (a);

a /=b;
print (a);

a **=b;
print (a);

a //=b;
print (a);

4) Python Logical Operators

i) together with (Loical And)
ii) or (Loical Or)
iii) Not (Loical Not)


print (x together with y); # false

print (x or y); # true

print (not x); # false
5) Python Identity Operators

i) is
ii) is not


x1 = 5;
y1 = 5;

print (x1 is non y1); # false

print (x1 is y1); # true
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May 17, 2018

Python Step past times Step Tutorial

Python Step past times Step Tutorial

1) In Which sequence should We acquire Python?

(How to acquire Python, Python Language Fundamentals, Python Object oriented Programming, Python Exception handling, Python Network Programming, Python Database Programming, too Python CGI Programming)

2) Introduction to Python

(Python is a full general piece of work programming language,Uses of Python, Features of Python, Organizations using Python, too Who should acquire Python?.)

3) Download & Install Python

(Download too Install Python Software, Launch Python Shell too write & execute Python code, too launch Python Console/Command work interface too write Python programs.)

4) Variables too Data Types inwards Python

(Python Variables too Data Types, Implicit proclamation of Data Types, Implicit proclamation of Variables inwards Python,Assign values to variables, delete variables, Python Standard Data Types similar Numbers, Strings, Lists, Tuples, too Dictionaries.)
 In Which sequence should We acquire Python Python Step past times Step Tutorial
5) Python Operators

(Python Arithmetic, Comparison/Relational Operators, Increment Operators, Logical operators, too Python Identity Operators.)

6) Python Conditional Statements

(Decision Making / Conditional Statements inwards Python, Simple If Structure, if else structure, if elif structure, too nested If Structure.)

7) Python Loops...

(Python Control Flow Statements, Python Conditional Statements, Python Loops, too Python Branching Statements. python acre loop, Python for loop, too Python Nested Loop Structures.)

8) String Handling inwards Python

(String Handling inwards Python, Create Strings, Print Strings, String Conversion, String Concatenation, too String operations inwards Python Language.)

9) Python Lists

(Python Data Structures, Create Python Lists, Update Python Lists, Delete Elements from Python Lists, too Built-in Functions & Built-in Methods for Python Lists.)
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May 16, 2018

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

    1) Common Interview Questions as well as Answers

    (Common Interview Questions as well as Answers for professions similar Information Technology, Banking, Finance, Insurance, as well as Automobile Industries. General as well as HR Interview Questions for Software Professionals.)

    2) Donald Trump Effect - Be careful almost information technology Career

    (Indian Information Technology Field/area is the largest Private Industry inwards India, It has nearly 37 Lakh / 3.7 Million Employees, as well as this sector has increased its contribution to India's gross domestic product from 1.2% inwards 1998 to 7.5% inwards 2012, According to NASSCOM)

    3) Future of Indian information technology Industry

    (Future of Indian information technology Industry

    Now (2017), information technology Industry is facing as well as thus many problems,
    i) Donald Trump Effect (Visa as well as Hiring Restrictions) as well as Apart from US, other developed countries similar UK, Commonwealth of Australia as well as Singapore Visa Restrictions...
    ii) Automation - Automation inwards all areas inwards the Information Technology...
    Note: Republic of Republic of India information technology Exports nearly 60% to US...)

    4) is Manual Testing Dying?

    (Manual Testing volition never dead, merely piece of cake Manual Testing importance may live on reduced Manual Testing or Automation Testing that depends on Type of software, Type of Testing, as well as Production Environment etc...

    tin live on done inwards two ways,
    i. Manual Testing
    ii. Test Automation or Automated Testing)

    5) Will Indian information technology recover Soon?

    (Some People are proverb that it volition recover shortly as well as it is non the commencement Crisis inwards IT, nosotros accept seen two or iii crises as well as thus far, OK, merely it is Big crisis than previous crises...)

    6) What are the prerequisites to acquire Selenium?

    (i) manual Testing

    ii) Programming Fundamentals
    iii) HTML Concepts
    iv) Database Fundamentals)

    7) Is Programming needed for ?

    ( tin live on done inwards two ways,

    i. Manual Testing
    ii. Automated Testing or Test Automation
    Note: For Manual Testing no Programming noesis is required merely for Automated Testing Programming noesis is required.)

    8) What are the Challenges inwards Selenium Test Automation?

    (Challenges inwards Software Test Automation using Selenium, Framework Implementation inwards selenium, Handling Dynamic Elements using Selenium, as well as Real Time Technical issues of Selenium.) 

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    May 16, 2018

    Jobs June 14

    Jobs June 14

    1)Manual Testers

    Location : Mumbai

    Company Name :  TCS

    Experience : one - half dozen Years

    Job Description :
    Should convey sense inwards Manual Testing procedures
    Familiarity amongst Test Planning in addition to Reporting
    Writing in addition to Executing examination cases based on Requirement Document
    Identification in addition to analysis of software defects.

    Adrress :
    Tata Consultancy Services
    Nesco Compound, Bombay
    Exhibition Centre Gate 2,
    Western Express Highway,
    Goregaon, Bombay - 400065

    For More Details :
    2)Software Test Engineer

    Location : Chennai

    Company Name :

    Date-14th June to 16th June , Starting Time: 10 AM

    Experience : iii - half dozen Years

    Job Description :
    Manual testing, Automation Testing - selenium amongst Java / C# is a plus
    Ability to examination in addition to attending to detail.
    Must convey real Good communication skills
    Minimum iii years of sense inwards QTP, / Selenium tools

    Adrress :
    RR Donnelley Floor 6, Prestige Polygon Building,
    471 Anna Salai, Nandanam,
    Chennai - 600035.

    For More Details :
    3)Matlab Tester

    Location :  Bangalore, Hyderabad   

    Company Name : CBSI Bharat Pvt. Ltd.

    Interview Date: 17-July-17 (Saturday)

    Experience : iii - seven Years

    Job Description :
    Able to sympathise the Automotive Requirements
    Automate the Manual examination cases
    Good cognition of MIL SIL testing.
    Should hold upwards able to create rootage movement analysis of the issues

    For More Details :
    4)Core Java Developer

    Location : Bangalore   

    Company Name : IDC TECHNOLOGIES

    Experience : iii - half dozen Years

    Job Description :
    Good inwards SQL in addition to databases
    Multi-threaded programming
    Strong debugging skills
    Design Patterns
    Ensure character command past times performing both automated in addition to manual testing on deliverable

    Address :
    E-Space information technology Park, A1 1st Floor,
    Next to Inorbit Mall,
    Wadgaon Sheri, Nagar Road,
    Pune, Maharashtra 41101

    For More Details :
    5) CRM Testing
    Location :Pune

    Company Name : Teamware Solutions

    Experience : five - eight Years

    Job Description :
    Having potent Experience of 5+Years are eligible
    Should convey sense inwards Manual Testing Automation Testing
    and whatsoever CRM Testing Tools similar Siebel, Salesforce, OBIE

    Address :
    305, sec Floor,
    Oxford House Rustum Baugh,
    Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar

    Contact : 9739575477

    For More Details :
    6)Senior Test Engineer

    Location : Bengaluru   

    Company Name : Netsurion Technologies

    Experience : iii - five Years

    Job Description :
    Work sense inwards Manual testing & Automation testing
    Experience inwards treatment the windows based application past times using AutoIT
    Experience inwards page object model framework (POM)

    For More Details :
    7)Quality Engineer

    Location : Pune

    Company Name : Allscripts Bharat pvt. ltd.

    Experience : five Years

    Job Description :
    2-5 years of Manual Testing experience
    experience inwards HL7 is required
    Extensive Testing sense amongst integrated applications

    For More Details :
    8)Manual QA - Selenium Engineer

    Location : Bangalore   

    Company Name : Arnold Consulting Private Limited

    Experience : iv - half dozen Years

    Job Description :
    Experience inwards Manual testing QA
    Experience inwards Automation testing
    Experience inwards selenium

    For More Details :
    9)Automation Testers

    Location : Bangalore

    Company Name :  Sutherland

    Experience : iii - seven Years

    Walk inwards Interview on 17th June from

    Job Description :
     Good cognition of SDLC
    Knowledge of PACS / Healthcare products an additional advantage.
    Understanding of SQL in addition to databases is preferable.
    Good communication skills inwards English linguistic communication (written in addition to oral)
    Understand the examination automation requirements (manual examination cases), examination automation architecture in addition to

    Contact : 8056150043

    For More Details :
    10)Test Complete/selenium

    Location : Bangalore

    Company Name : Epicor Software Bharat Pvt Ltd

    Experience : half dozen - 10 Years

    Job Description :
    Having proficient sense inwards Automation testing, scripting, writingSQL queries
    Strong inwards Troubleshooting, deployment in addition to debugging amongst basicprogramming skills
    Automation tool sense (Test Complete, Selenium, Jbehave,cucumber etc.,)

    For More Details :
    11)QA Analyst

    Location : Hyderabad.

    Company Name : Xtream information technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Experience : iii - eight yrs

    Job Description :
    2-3yrs of sense inwards .
    Must convey sense inwards Manual in addition to Automation Testing.
    The Automation tool would preferably Selenium.

    Address :
    8-2-618/2/A,4th floor,
    401Road No:11,Banjara hills
    Telangana,India 500034

    Contact : 09949194624

    For More Details :
    12)Senior Performance Test Engineer
    Location :  Bombay

    Company Name : FCS Software Solutions Limited

    Experience : five - eight yrs

    Job Description :
    Minimum five years of sense amongst QA processes in addition to testing methodologies.
    Minimum iii years of sense amongst HP Performance Center or HP Load runner
    Minimum ii years of sense amongst HTTP protocol of Load runner
    Minimum ii years of sense amongst Web services protocol of Load runner
    Minimum ii years of sense amongst AJAX TruClient protocol of Load runner

    Address :
    FCS Software Solutions Ltd. 83,
    NSEZ, Phase-2NOIDA,
    Uttar Pradesh,India 201301

    Contact : 91-120-4635900

    For More Details :

    Sumber http://www.gcreddy.com/